Sunday Prayer Gatherings

Prayer Gatherings meet during both services on Sundays (9:00 & 11:00 am). During these gatherings, we pray for Immanuel’s impossible mission efforts both around the world and here in Louisville. We pray for our international missionaries, North American missionaries and church planters, unreached people around the world, and the many ways our church is seeking to live evangelistically here in our city. Prayer Gatherings meet during both services, and we encourage everyone to attend both Worship and Prayer on Sunday mornings.

Room Locations

Prayer Room 1 (Handicap Accessible)
Location: Room 118
Leader: Jones Ndzi (9:00 am), Ramny Perez (11:00 am)

Prayer Room 2
Location: Room 210
Leader: Tom Scott (11:00 am)

Prayer Room 3
Location: Room 211
Leader: Matthew Huested (9:00 am), Dominic Cedillo & Jay Ingram (11:00 am)

Prayer Room 4
Location: Room 212
Leader: Evan Calvin & Doug Sturgeon (9:00 am), Jonny Atkinson & Jay Shreve (11:00 am)