Discipleship Seminars

Discipleship Seminars provide adults at Immanuel the opportunity to receive teaching from God’s Word in smaller, interactive group settings from the best teachers Immanuel has on the most relevant subjects facing our people. The content of these seminars includes classes on various topics: evangelism, core Christian beliefs, hermeneutics, Biblical theology, apologetics, church history, and applied theology. The majority of our classes are on applied theology and aimed at helping believers grow in living out their faith in the common places of everyday life (like parenting, marriage, stewardship, Biblical counseling). The quality of this teaching is excellent, and our teachers work very hard to come to these Seminars well prepared.

We are confident that these discipleship classes can play a significant role in your Christian maturity. We’re excited to learn together, think together, and seek the Lord together in all aspects of life.

Discipleship seminars are 5 hours each:

Friday 6:00-8:00 pm
Saturday 9:00am-12:00 pm

For those who RSVP, we provide childcare for children ages 0-6th Grade.


The Gospel Promised: an OT Survey

Pastor Jonny Atkinson

Biblical Hospitality

Pastor Dominic Cedillo

Historical Sketches: Augustine, Luther, Judson, Edwards, & Spurgeon

Pastors Jay Ingram, Doug Sturgeon, Donnie Isely, Andy M., Jeff King

Equipped to Teach

Heather Young & Kelly Bankes (Women Only)

Equipped to Counsel

Patti Withers (Women Only)

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Fighting Sexual Immorality with Renewed Affections

Pastor Ramny Perez

I’ve Just Repented and Trusted in Jesus. Now What?

Pastor Ward Young

The Blessings and Challenges of Christian Marriage

Pastors Jeff King & Andy M.

Theology of Vocation

Bill Starr & Pastor Matthew Huested

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The Blessings and Challenges of Christian Parenting

Pastor Ward Young

Building a Community from All Cultures

Pastors Ryan Fullerton & Ramny Perez

Intro to the New Testament

Pastor Jones Ndzi

Theology and Creative Expressions: Writing Literature, Poetry and Music

Benjamin Brainard & Pastor Donnie Isely

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