Immanuel Kids

We Are Here to Serve You

At every level of Immanuel Kids, we strive to provide excellent care and Biblically sound instruction from volunteers who are committed to serving children with excellence. We labor together to make Christ known by sharing the good gospel of Christ with joy!

We strive to do this in three ways:

We use gospel-centered curriculum designed by Children Desiring God. This curriculum is developmentally appropriate and theologically sound. It explains the true overarching story of the Bible, the character of God, and the plan of redemption of Christ. Most age groups have a 2-year curriculum rotation that also includes Scripture memory, prayer for missions and volunteer led worship. Each age group has teachers and small group shepherds that build relationships with your children.
All of the volunteers that serve in Immanuel Kids are believing, faithful members of the church. In order to serve with our children, volunteers must submit an application, complete a background check, and provide a recommendation from their Gospel community group leader. Formal volunteer trainings are offered twice a year; ongoing training occurs regularly as new volunteers begin.

Adults serve in teams and are never alone with children. We serve allergy friendly snacks (gluten free cheerios and water) and are sensitive and supportive of those children that have allergy needs. In addition, we do offer in-classroom support for children that might need assistance in group learning situations.

We count it a great privilege to partner with our families as we love, serve and train their children to love God and to love His mission. Immanuel Kids is not a playground. Instead, we are building a foundation of Bible truth into the lives of the next generation of children. We teach, listen, laugh, discuss, pray, and sing. We love one another. Together we are building a community where Christ is King.

Meeting Times

Sunday Mornings

Ages 0-3

We have Immanuel Kids nursery for children ages 0-3 during both the 9:00 and 11:00 am services. A team of godly, loving servants eagerly teaches, plays with, and cares for children in age-appropriate classrooms. If you are attending both a Worship Gathering and a Prayer Gathering, you are welcome to check your infant, crawling child, or toddler into Immanuel Kids for both hours.

Age 4 to Grade 6

Sunday School is available for school age children (Age 4 to Grade 6) during the 11:00 am service. For familiarity and stability, your child will be served by the same 2 teams of teachers, each alternating weeks.

Sunday Evenings
(3rd Week of the Month)

Ages 0-3

Every 3rd Sunday evening, we have a Members’ Meeting or Testimony Night. Immanuel Kids nursery is available for children ages 0 to 3 for these evenings.