Living on mission as Immanuel is not limited to those across the Pacific or on the other side of the world. Mission is the way Immanuel lives every day in every home, workplace, neighborhood, and block. Every believer is an integral player in God’s mission! Members of Immanuel can find opportunities to advance God’s kingdom every day and in every context. The kingdom work done down the street by the family of five as they shop for groceries, chat with their neighbors, show compassion to those in need, and have their taxes prepared is no less important than the cross-cultural missionary laboring in a far corner of the globe. Mission is the way Immanuel lives every day and in every place. But not only do we live on mission ourselves, we send others out on mission as well.

The commonplace nature of mission as Immanuel by no means takes away our responsibility to send out laborers into other gospel harvest fields. The distance may be short — for instance, we recently partnered with a sister church in the West End of Louisville to help build up the witness of that congregation in their own community, and a number of our own community went to join with them. The distance often stretches between states as we send church planters to locations like North Carolina and Boston. The distance may be geographically significant, as with the laborers we’ve sent into the harvest fields of Southeast Asia, China, India, Central Asia, Africa, and New Zealand. In order to send our people into locations such as these, Immanuel partners with various sending agencies. We also maintain a close, like-minded relationship with a number of churches and pastors around the world who have formed a partnership called “the Immanuel Network.” By God’s grace, we hope to be able to send out church planters all over the world both by partnering with mission agencies and using the cooperative resources of the Immanuel Network.

The information you will fine in the Mission section of our website describes ways to be equipped for and involved in mission as well as explaining our relationship as Immanuel with those sent out from among us.