How can I be sent out from Immanuel as a church leader stateside and abroad?
If you have a desire to serve as a missionary, church planter, pastor, or in any other vocational ministry, we encourage you to begin the assessment process as soon as possible. Immanuel takes seriously the responsibility to entrust the gospel to faithful men. The gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, and it makes all the difference whether one knows and the gospel well and can teach that gospel to others. At the same time, a man’s life is also quite important. Paul instructs Timothy to watch his life and his doctrine carefully because it is through his life (character) and doctrine (teaching) that his hearers will be saved. We have a three year Pastoral Apprenticeship in place at Immanuel whose goal is to assess a man’s life and doctrine through formal instruction and structured regular participation in church life. In order to be sent out from Immanuel as an elder-qualified leader, The Pastoral Apprenticeship is a great next step.

What is the Immanuel Network?
The Immanuel Network is a relationally-driven network of churches and church leaders that supports church planting and church strengthening. When they leave Immanuel, many men become leaders in churches and then look to Immanuel for support, strengthening, coaching, and counsel. The leaders at Immanuel intentionally maintain and strengthen those relationships for the sake of strengthening local churches. These churches are also encouraged to strengthen each other and collaborate for the purpose of sending out church planters. Because of the relational nature of the network, participants can be confident regarding the biblical understanding and commitments of other partners. Since the Immanuel Network is based out of Immanuel, you can refer to our Doctrinal Statement to see our core beliefs. Currently, the Immanuel Network has partners in Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ontario, Canada, and as far away as New Zealand. To become a partner, contact Immanuel’s Executive Pastor, Ben Hedrick.