Discipleship for Mission

The first and foremost tool necessary for a life of mission is a new heart. By God’s grace and through faith in Jesus Christ’s perfect life, substitutionary death, and resurrection from the dead, sinners are freely given new hearts in exchange for their cold, stony hearts that wanted only to serve themselves. A new heart that comes through the gospel of Jesus Christ is the necessary equipment for living a life of mission that seeks to advance Jesus’ kingdom! Once you have a new heart that desires to serve the lowly and hurting of society, love the unlovable and angry, and speak the truth into their lives, the community at Immanuel comes beside you to encourage, teach, and further equip you to live on mission for God’s kingdom. Specifically, we do this in ways that fit the regular patterns of our lives. An important corporate equipping time is our Sunday morning worship gathering and prayer meeting.

Our Gospel Community Groups provide focused ministry opportunities in the context of Christian community and fellowship. We also have occasional discipleship classes, special events, and a pastoral apprenticeship program. We hope that as people have opportunity to participate in these avenues of encouragement, teaching, and equipping, they will be better able to express the kingdom-focused desires of their new hearts in living lives of service and mission for Jesus.

Sunday Mornings: Worship and Prayer

On Sunday mornings we gather together as the church to sing God’s word, pray God’s word, hear God’s word, encourage each other with God’s word, and remember Christ’s death for us through the Lord’s Supper. Our Sunday gatherings serve to equip us and send us back out into our families, jobs, and neighborhoods where we advance God’s mission in the world: the making and teaching of disciples. Our prayer gatherings keep us dependant on God’s work in our lives through His Holy Spirit. We ask, seek, and knock expecting God to do great things in answering our prayers! Our hope is that as we enjoy God in our time together we will be stirred not only to love one another, but to seek and continue to love our neighbors who do not yet know the gospel and its wonderful benefits.

Core Content & Discipleship Classes

Immanuel’s Core Content classes are the foundational teaching that will help you understand Immanuel’s vision and approach to loving each other and the world. Core Content classes will be offered on a yearly basis to ensure everyone at Immanuel, especially new members, are equipped to pursue Immanuel’s vision together. In addition to the Core Content, other Discipleship Classes will be offered in a more ‘one off’ format that addresses more specific issues or questions. Discipleship Classes will build off and assume the Core Content teaching. Both Core Content and Discipleship Classes  provide another opportunity to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word and practically apply it to our everyday lives. Our hope is that Immanuel would grow in love for and obedience to God, so that He would be glorified in all that we do!

Leading a Gospel Community Group

As Immanuel, we have organized ourselves into Gospel Community Groups. These groups gather members of Immanuel who live near one another to partner together for community, care, and mission. Leaders and apprentice leaders of these groups participate in regular small group discussions, training seminars, and personal mentoring with our pastors, so that they are more effective in leading their groups to be disciples who make disciples. Although the pastors are available to all of Immanuel, the leaders and apprentices of these groups receive more direct discipleship, since they carry out much of the church’s mission. If you desire to become this type of leader, ask your current leader and apply to be an apprentice.

Pastoral Apprenticeship

The Immanuel Pastoral Apprenticeship is a three-year program designed to raise up men from within the church to lead the church. The pastors believe that it is primarily the responsibility of the local church to test, train, and affirm men for leadership in the church. The Apprenticeship program includes biblical and theological study in a classroom setting as well as providing opportunities to observe and participate in pastoral ministry. By the end of the third year of the program, men will have had their minds challenged, their hearts engaged, and their gifts tested. Any man who is a member may apply to participate. There are no educational requirements. It is designed to be independent of formal seminary training, yet those in seminary are also welcome to apply. All men at Immanuel who aspire to the office of elder are encouraged to join with us!

If you have any questions, please contact apprenticeship@ibclouisville.org

Apply for admission and pay the $125 fee by following this link.