In addition to living on mission in our everyday lives, Immanuel has organized times where our people come together to serve and be on mission. For a detailed descriptions of each and the meeting times, please check out the information at the Serve desk or on our website: Not only do these ministries serve various needs, they also provide hands-on training to help cultivate living on mission in everyday life.

It’s our heart to be a vibrant community serving and being on mission not only here in Louisville, but also around the world. Our goal is to develop robust gospel- loving disciples here who will go plant themselves in other cities, nations, and cultures to see the gospel spread in those places as well. We are currently developing men through our Pastoral Apprenticeship in hopes of sending them out to start new works. Once they are sent we partner with them through the Immanuel Network, which seeks to encourage, support, and bless them.

Our hope is to provide regular information on new works, established works, needs we can support, and prayer concerns we can own. At Immanuel’s Mission Desk and on our website we hope to post information that will inform the body so that we can be involved through prayer and other avenues of participation