Building Fund: Above and Beyond

The Lord has provided for Immanuel in ways we never could have imagined: he’s given us a church full of Spirit-filled believers who love Jesus and want to see his glory spread across the world. And because of that desire, he put us in a position to need more space than our current building can provide. Then, he gave us a large building for us to to use as a launching pad to send the Gospel to the streets of Louisville, the cities of North America, and unreached nations all across the globe. He even gave us millions of dollars we didn’t have in order to renovate that building.

And now, with unforeseen renovation costs, we believe he wants to give us even more to finish and furnish that building–the “4th Building.” He has been good to us–”above and beyond” anything we ever asked for. We want to see this project finished, not for our sakes, but for his glory. We’re seeking $550,000 to finish the renovations and $350,000 to furnish the building. Will you join us?