Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means understanding all that His word says, believing it, and responding in joyful obedience. But this isn’t a one time event. The Christian life is one of growth and progress. Our discipleship classes are arranged to serve as a “pathway” for you to follow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that as you give yourself to studying these things you would “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.” (Col. 1:10)

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Fall 2016 Schedule

Core Classes: September 13th — October 18th
Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8:00pm

Marriage, Family, and Singleness
Teachers: Ward Young and Jeff King

Missional Living
Teachers: Andy M. and Ben Hedrick

Foundations Classes: October 2nd — November 6th
Sunday mornings, 11:30am-1:00pm

Gospel Living
Teacher: Jeff King

Foundations Classes

Introducing Immanuel and Gospel Living lay the foundational groundwork for you to thrive at Immanuel. Introducing Immanuel is offered over a Friday evening through Saturday morning weekend, when several different Immanuel Pastors explain the basics of Immanuel’s vision, family life, and distinctives. The Gospel Living class is offered on Sunday mornings and is the second stop for folks who are stepping into membership and partnership with Immanuel. We make this class accessible to everyone by offering it on Sunday mornings, which allows Pastor Jeff King to build on the foundation of Introducing Immanuel and establish the basic gospel truths that will be assumed and elaborated on throughout the following Core Classes and Electives. Introducing Immanuel and Gospel Living are the absolutely essential first stops on the Immanuel Discipleship Class pathway!

Core Classes

Core Classes are the Immanuel Pastors’ efforts to establish clear biblical teaching on the burning issues of our day. In a culture that is curiously and boldly dipping into all kinds of “truth,” actively tearing down the image of God in manhood and womanhood, and ambitiously fiddling with the formulations of humanity and family, it is imperative for us to look confidently and resolutely to what God has said in His word, the Bible. The Core Classes are rounded out with an outline of what it looks like to live the mission of God together as the church here in Louisville and around the world. These classes are offered regularly throughout the year and are readily available to you as you seek to become grounded firmly in the Scriptures.


The Electives build on the Foundations and Core Classes and round out  our Discipleship Classes by providing instruction on more diverse or advanced subjects. Different times and seasons raise different questions regarding truth and life. Electives are classes that will be offered by the Pastors in such a way that they address different issues that are particularly timely or relevant given the current circumstances or events the church is facing. These classes could be studies on particular books of the Bible or systematic classes on particular Christian doctrines. Since these classes are designed to be more situational in nature, they may not necessarily be repeated on a regular basis, so if a particular topic or issue is of interest, you’d better jump in and learn!