Seeking the Spirit by Prayer and Fasting

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October 21st, 2018Ryan FullertonRomans 8

Sermon Application Questions

1. What is your understanding of what it means to walk in “joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory”, (1 Peter 1:8)? Can you describe a time when this was your experience?

2. Have there been times in your life that you believe the Holy Spirit gave you illumination into his word, (Eph. 1:17-19)?

3. Have you ever had seasons that you’ve been impudent in seeking the Lord for more of his Spirit? What was the result? If not, what has kept you from this?

4. Christian, how would you describe the current condition of your walk with the Lord? Are your affections currently stirred up for Christ? Thankful that your sins are forgiven? Or are you currently feeling apathetic towards the Lord? Or have you ever thought that, maybe you like the idea of having “joy inexpressible and filled with glory” but have believed that only certain Christians experience that?

Brothers and sisters at Immanuel, would you commit to fasting through at least one meal this week and giving that time to reading Romans 8 and then praying through the texts Pastor Ryan gave us:
a) Eph. 1:15-20 for the Spirit’s illumination into his word,
b) Luke 11:5-13 for us to be persistant in seeking more of his Spirit, and
c) Eph. 6:18-20 that we would persevere in praying these things for one another as well as for Pastor Ryan in his preaching of Romans 8.

Let us pray all of these things believing that God would be pleased to grant more of Himself to us as we sit under Romans 8 over the next several weeks. And may the Lord Jesus Christ receive all the glory and honor that is due His name in however he chooses to answer our prayers.