Building A Community From All Cultures Where Christ Is King

Cody Farthing2019, Community, Ephesians, Immanuel's DNA, Sermons, Unity

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January 20th, 2019Ryan FullertonEphesians

Sermon Application

Paul tells us that in Christ we are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit. We have been equally united to Christ and are therefore mutual learners in living this unique life, mutually embattled against a common enemy, and are called to fight together to eagerly maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. 

1. In our efforts to to build a community from all cultures where Christ is King, every member from every culture will need to first be enthralled with Christ. We can have no passions towards unity without having a passion towards God Himself. What does it mean to be enthralled with God? In what ways are you currently seeking to be enthralled with Him?

2. We are truly striving to be a people praise Jesus alongside brothers and sisters from all walks of life and backgrounds. The chief obstacle has been removed – God has reconciled us to himself. However, there still remains in us deeply rooted perspectives about ourselves and our particular culture in which we view the world – some of which might be helpful while others might be hurtful. Would you be able to tell the difference? How do you make a distinction? 

3. Is there any cultural preference that you would not be willing/able to “lay down” in order to works towards unity? 

4. We often make judgment calls about other people’s culture. Are you able to rightly judge/view your own culture? Where might you undervalue your own culture and/or undervalue another culture? 

May the love Christ has displayed for us on the cross constrain us to greater love and unity for one another as well as a clearer demonstration to the world that the Father has indeed sent the Son.