Debtors, Children, and Heirs: All by the Ministry of the Holy Spirit

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November 11th, 2018Jones NdziRomans 8:12-17

Sermon Application Questions

The status of every human being before God depends on the either the presence or the absence of the Holy Spirit in their hearts. For believers in Christ, we have the joy and privilege of receiving the presence and ministry of the Spirit in our hearts to keep us and assure us our inheritance that is certainly ours through Jesus Christ. 

1. Pastor Jones described the effect of having the Holy Spirit in our lives in three points. What were the three things he said that we are? What difference do these truths make in the lives of believers?

2. What does it mean to ‘put to death the deeds of the body by the Spirit’? What are ways you are currently trying to do that in your life? 

3. How would you describe your level of excitement that you are a child of God? Is this reality something that regularly encourages and even stuns you? Or is it something you’ve largely only given mental assent to but not given a lot of thought? From the Scriptures, can you share how Jesus related to the Father? What does this mean for how we should relate to the Father?

4. Christian, are walking in a season of suffering or trial? Describe. Can you share how you’re processing your suffering? How are you dealing with the pain/disappointment/confusion that so often accompanies suffering? How does the truth that we are heirs with Christ help us to process our suffering rightly? 

O Father, grant us sensitivity to your Spirit’s work in our lives that we might walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which we’ve been called.