A Delicate Call to Consistent Devotion to Corporate Prayer

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Sermon Date: 1-28-2018 Preacher: Ryan Fullerton Text: Acts 2:42

Application Questions

1.  Are you consistent & devoted to corporate prayer right now?  If not, what hinders you?  (GCG Leaders, prepare yourselves to give feedback on the legitimacy, or not, of the present things keeping our people from prayer).  If “yes” describe how your consistent devotion to prayer has grown you, sustained you, challenged you, and matured you in your faith.

2.  The early church had great needs that motivated their prayers.  In Acts 1:14, there was a tiny band of believers that prayed for the Holy Spirit to come, which led to Pentecost.  In Acts 2, there were so many conversions, they devoted themselves to pray together.  What are the present needs (ie: fragile faith, external pressures, trials of various kinds) you are experiencing that ought to drive you to be devoted to prayer?

3.  We decline from prayer for real reasons.  Some of these are legitimate while others are “excuses.”  Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Real limits on your time/availability
  • Suffering that brings you to doubt God’s goodness
  • Walking by sight, not by faith
  • Anxiety/worry that pushes out prayerfulness
  • Sin
  • Other (describe)

What are you doing/adjusting in your life to devote yourself to prayer and not be hindered by these things?

4.  Spend some time praying together for your prayer life, and for the prayer life of the Saints at Immanuel.