Every Christian Is a Minister of the Gospel

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Sermon Date: March 18th, 2018 Preacher: Jeff King Text: Acts 20

Application Questions

1. Do you truly see yourself as a minister of the gospel? Do you see yourself as one called to speak the truth of God’s word into the lives of your brothers and sisters? If not, can you explain why not? What criteria do you draw from Scripture to base your answer on?

2. Can you say that you have a working knowledge of the needs of the saints (or at least some of them) in your GCG? Currently, are there specific ways you should be encouraging/exhorting/admonishing your brothers and sisters but are holding back because you’re expecting a pastor (or someone else) to do it?

3. Are there currently ways that one or more of your brothers/sisters are trying to encourage/exhort/admonish you but you’re not receiving it as valid because it’s not coming from a pastor? Do you ever refuse or reject counsel because its not coming from a pastor? Or because it’s not coming from someone you see as wiser/more mature/more experienced?