God’s Gracious Assessment of Our Weak Faith

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Sermon Date: November 5th, 2017 Preacher: Ryan Fullerton Text: Romans 4:18-25

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Application Questions

1. The Bible shows God’s redeemed people “warts and all”. We can clearly see their faith but we also see their flaws (warts). Why then, do we sometimes try to live and portray ourselves “all cleaned up” or photoshopped (minus warts)? What ways have you sought to live before people warts and all? What ways have you lived photoshopped before others (social media, etc)?

2. The Christian life is a life where failures happen on the path of faith. This should affect how we see ourselves and one another. Are you in a season where all you can see is failure in yourself? Describe. What about your perspective on other brothers and sisters? Are you currently given to focusing on the failures of others, not seeing them as God does –  precious in His sight, fruitful and yet needing ‘a few more rains’ on the pathway to completion. Do you feel the need to always include areas of sin and weakness even while encouraging evidences of grace in others?

Be encouraged that God has the full trajectory of your life of faith in view. He knows the end from the beginning. The good work that He has begun will be brought to completion on the day of Christ Jesus. Let us help one another run the race marked out for us by fixing our eyes on the Object of our faith – Jesus Christ, the righteous One who has dealt fully and finally with our sins and reconciled us to the Father.

One Comment on “God’s Gracious Assessment of Our Weak Faith”

  1. Thank you for allowing God to use and speak through you. I visited your church on Sunday, Nov. 5 and the message was the exact message that I needed to hear on this day from the Lord. If no one else heard Him speaking, I heard Him loud and clear. I am recovering from a trial in my marriage in which I was finding it difficult to forgive my spouse. My spouse is a Christian and I was left dumbfounded at how such a gredious sin could be committed towards me. My focus for the past 13 months has been on his sin and not at all on the remarkable ways he has shown true repentance, Love, remorse for his actions. All I had been focusing on were the warts. And then the Lord showed me through this message, the warts of some of our heroes in the Bible… Abraham, Noah, Sampson, Moses, and David. At once, I was overcome with sorrow in my heart for instead of measuring my spouse by the totality of the man that he is, I measured him by the 1 major mistake. The same mistake in which some of these Bible “Heroes” made, and yet God did not highlight their mistakes when he referred to them in the book of Hebrews. He instead highlighted their great accomplishments of faith. The application? I am now able to look at my spouse again the way God sees him, flawed yet as a man who loves God and is forgiven by the blood of the lamb. My healing is still a work in progress however I now have hope once again and can see him through different lenses…the lenses of Christ’s blood. To God be all the glory. Thank you.

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