Holy, Holy, Holy

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Sermon Date: 1-7-2018 Preacher: Jeff King Text: Isaiah 6

Application Questions

1. Have you ever personally experienced anything of the reality of God’s holiness? What was this experience like? How did it affect you?

2. It is good and right for us as believers to have great concern for the wickedness we see in the world and the sins that are ‘outside’ of us. But when we experience the reality of God’s holiness we are gripped by our own sins and respond like Isaiah, “woe is me, I am undone”. For him, the Lord brought conviction of the thing that was his strongest gift, his mouth. But more than conviction the Lord also atoned for his sins. What about you? What needs cleansing?

3. In what ways has the Lord shown you His glory in salvation that has result in you responding like Isaiah, “here I am, send me”?

4. Would you spend some time in your gatherings this week  –   seeking the Lord in prayer and asking Him to experience the reality of His holiness?