It’s OK to Be Tired

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Sermon Date: June 10th, 2018 Preacher: Ryan Fullerton Text: 2 Corinthians 1:1-11

Application Questions:

1. When you hear someone sharing a trial, affliction, or a weakness, do you hear this with ears of compassion and mercy? Or, do you begin to size up and measure it with pride and comparison which would lead you to think or say, “just get over it” or “that’s not that bad”?

2. God is the one who gives mercy to us in all of our trials. We can’t earn it nor do we have to perform for it. However, it seems as though we sometimes try to “one-up” each other as if we win some kind of award for having the worst trials or sufferings. Would anyone in the group be willing to take a step towards humility and talk about ways you struggle with this?

3. In what ways are you threatened by your own weaknesses? Are there ways you’re tempted to think that trials are a curse rather than seeing them as a gift meant to make you rely on God and make much of Him?