Jesus, the Greater Adam

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Romans Series

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August 19th, 2018Ryan FullertonRomans 5:12-21

Application Questions

  1. Part of the effects of being born ‘in Adam’ is that people spend their livesĀ  walking in guilt because of their sin. Although guilt is unavoidable for the unbeliever, many people try to fight it by numbing it, denying it, covering it up, or seeking relief from it through certain means (alcohol, drugs, food, entertainment, busyness, etc.). How should the Christian think about and deal with guilt? Are you currently struggling with guilt and knowing how to deal with it?
  2. In Romans 5:12-21 Paul is comparing the sin, guilt, and death brought into the world through Adam’s sin with the justification and righteousness brought into the world through Jesus’ perfect obedience and sacrificial death. Do you currently struggle with the reality that God has declared you righteous? Think about certain aspects of your life (examples: how you make decisions, the quality of your job performance, the way you parent your kids, other?). Are these things motivated by a confidence that God has reckoned the righteousness of Christ to your account OR is much of your life motivated by a fear that if you don’t perform perfectly you may have moved outside of God’s grace?
  3. As you look at all the evil around you in the world do you struggle with seeing God’s goodness and/or His ability to do something about it? How does understanding the effects of Adam’s sin on humanity help you to see God rightly?