Joy in a Distracted and Depressed World

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Romans Series

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August 12th, 2018 Ryan Fullerton Romans 5:1-11

Application Questions:

1. Do you really believe that God, by His sovereign authority and grace, has declared you righteous?  Or do you struggle to believe this? Can you explain why?

2. Are there things that have happened or that you’ve done that have made you doubt your standing in God’s grace? How does Paul’s words in Romans 5:1-11 assure you of your standing?

3. Read Romans 5:3-4. Can you point to a trial in your life where you had to endure hard things and being faithful to God was especially difficult, but, by His grace, you remained faithful and the result was increased confidence in the gospel?

4. Are you in a season where the Spirit is causing you to wrestle with the truth of the gospel in your own soul and the genuineness of your own faith? Can you describe what this looks like for you? After people have shared, spend some time walking through Romans 5:5-11 and encouraging one another with how the Spirit works in pouring God’s love into our hearts.