Justification by Faith Alone

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Sermon Date: October 1st, 2017 Preacher: Ryan Fullerton Text: Romans 4:1-5

Application Questions:

1. Can you say that, as far as you know, you are (largely) walking in obedience? If so, try to describe what is motivating your obedience? OR Are you obeying for other reasons? OR are there areas of clear disobedience that you need to repent of?

2. Is there anything you are currently anxious about? What thing(s) can you point to that you would say is causing your anxiety? How does justification by faith help to repent of anxiety?

3. Are there lies about your identity that you are currently tempted to believe? How is the ‘Accuser of the brethren’ hurling accusations at you? How should you respond to these accusation?

4. Give you honest assessment of how you’re thinking about the future (short-term future, long-term future, and eternal future). Are you looking at it with eagerness and joyful hope? OR are you looking at the future as though it were bleak and hopeless? Strive to give your honest assessment. How are you really thinking about the future?