Listening to Gain Wisdom and Understanding

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Sermon Date: February 18th, 2018 Preacher: Ryan Fullerton Text: Proverbs 1

Application Questions

1. Discuss the definition Pastor Ryan gave for what listening actually is. What is it not? What is the purpose of truly listening to one another?

2. Share a recent discussion you had that involved difficulty in a relationship where you actively tried to listen to the other person. What did you learn about the other person’s perspective? What did you learn about your own perspective? Was there a change to to how you saw the situation based on what you learned? Were there ways that you failed to listen well?

3. Are there currently voices in your life that you should not be listening to – immoral person, gossip, slanderer, flatterer, etc.? What do you need to do to turn away from these voices?

3. It is often the case where the most dangerous voice to listen to is your own. Are there things you should be seeking counsel and advice from others about? Do you feel reluctant to do this? If so why?