Living Lives That Encourage Questions

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Sermon Date: June 3rd, 2018 Preacher: Ryan Fullerton Text: Colossians 4:2-6

Application Questions

  1. Are there any gaps in your “living of the gospel” that hinder others from seeing the “power of the gospel” in/through your life? Where? What specifically in your living might be unwisely “undermining” the gospel and not commending the gospel through a holy witness? Pray for one another in these areas of weakness and sin.
  2. Are you making the most of your time currently? As you think of “redeeming the time,” are you prone to think earthly things (work/home balance, retirement planning, etc) or are you prone to think about evangelistic opportunities?  Which ones do you think about “maximizing?” How might you “maximize” those opportunities in this season of your life? Describe (and pray for one another in this).
  3. Perhaps you do not need to add something new to your weekly schedule as much as you need to re-orient the things that you already do to include mission.  If this is you, describe some of what needs re-orienting. How/what (be specific).
  4. What relationships presently do you have opportunity to “be gracious” and season each conversation with the salt of the gospel? Where can you express a “one-way-love”? What hinders you from doing this right now? Where (in what ways) are you repenting of a lack of love for the lost?
  5. Regarding “salty speech” many of us are prone to extremes — either too much salt or too bland (leaving out salt altogether). Which are you more prone to do? Why? How (what is your plan) to grow to overcome these weaknesses?

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