Romans 1-4 Overview

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Romans Series

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August 5th, 2018 Ryan Fullerton Romans 1-4

Application Questions

1. How can the seven types of Paul’s God-given authority (submissive, commissioned, Scriptural, Gospel, universal, irresistible, and loving) impact how you hear God speaking to you through the letter of Romans?

2. Are you currently reading the Word as though God is the one speaking to you? If so, how has that empowered your obedience? If not, how would you describe your view the authority of Scripture over your life?

3. In a culture that believes humanity is basically good, describe how Paul’s teaching of the wrath of God impacts your view of yourself and subsequently view others? Look at 1:24, 26, 28.

4. Paul desires to use his authority to not only break us down and leave us there, he desires to increase our joy in the Lord. Describe how the glorious truth that it is not your righteousness that God is expecting in 1:17, but it is the righteousness that He provides through Jesus Christ 3:21 increases your joy? If it doesn’t increase your joy can you try and describe why it doesn’t? Is there a certain expectation you have about what joy should look like in your life that this truth doesn’t seem to produce?