The Christ-Exalting Counter-Cultural Witness of a Pro-Life Church

Cody Farthing2019, Andrew King, Matthew, Sanctity of Life, Sermons

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January 27th, 2019Andrew KingMatthew 5

Sermon Application

As the culture continues trying to silence the “stigma” of abortion we, as citizens of Christ’s kingdom, are called to push against all “normalizing” efforts by striving to be salt and light in the world for the sake of God’s glory.  Spend some time reviewing this morning’s sermon and then discussing the following:

1. In calling us the salt of the earth and light of the word (we are these things), Jesus is reminding us that our lives are meant to have an affect on the world around us. In what specific ways are you seeking to be salt and light in the context(s) God has placed you?  Are there specific things you know God is calling you to do/say/display yet are refusing to? Explain. 

2. The destruction of abortion has multiple effects. Most significantly it destroys a life made in the image of God. But it also does significant and lasting damage to those who have either had an abortion or assisted in abortion. Discuss how the gospel is able to redeem the damaging effects of abortion? Is there anyone you know personally who’s been involved with abortion and needs to hear of the forgiveness that Jesus has earned in giving his life to save sinners? 

3. Has anyone in your GCG participated in the Speak For the Unborn ministry? Can you share your experience? 

4. Would you set aside 10-15 minutes of your group time to call on the Lord, asking Him to end the atrocity of abortion? Perhaps the Spirit may burden some of you to get involved with S4U. 

May the Lord grant that our verbal and living witness to the glory of Christ increase as salt and light in Louisville and the world.