Secret Sins

Cody Farthing2 Samuel, 2019, Ryan Fullerton, Sermons, Sexual Immorality, Sin, Warnings

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January 13th, 2019Ryan Fullerton2 Samuel 11-12

Sermon Application

This morning we sat under a very weighty word. In your groups this week be sure to begin by reading 2 Samuel chapters 11 & 12, and spend just a few minutes reviewing Pastor Ryan’s main points.

Then discuss the following:

1. Pray and ask the Lord for grace and mercy to help your group be willing to expose their sin to one another. 

2. Read Hebrews 10:26-31 together. Continuing to hide secret sin leads only to death. And while it is true that bringing out secret sin will be difficult, it will be far less painful than keeping it in. Brother/sister, is there ANY SECRET SIN that you have been hiding that you need to confess? This includes sin you’ve been committed as a means of hiding other secret sins (David never thought that he would be a murderer). Perhaps, there is sin you’ve been giving yourself to but trying to repent on your own not realizing the need to confess to those you’ve sinned against. Is there anyone you need to confess to?

3. Is God exposing secret sins in your life right now? Are you seeing this as a great act of his love for you or are you seeing it as Him trying to ruin your life?

4. Describe ways in your life that God has moved mountains to expose secret sins in your life. 

5. Are there ongoing consequences in your life that have come as a result of past sins? Describe. 

“Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” – Hebrews 12:14