Sending the Gift of a Faithful Church Planter

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Sermon Date: December 10th, 2017 Preacher: Ryan Fullerton Text: Titus 1-3

Commissioning service for Pastor Jay Haynes to plant Waiehu Community Church on Maui, Hawaii.

Application Questions

1. As you consider the people you are currently burdened to see brought into the Kingdom have you made an honest assessment of their lives in such a way that has led you to fervently pray for their souls? Or, as you’ve sought to grow relationally with them, are there ways you’ve pandered to their sinful ways of living? Spend time sharing their particular names/situations and help one another think through how to stand on the authority of God’s word and speak the truth boldly to these people.

2. To the degree that there is separation between what we say we believe and how we live, there will be ineffectiveness and unfruitfulness in our ministries. Are there particular ways you are not obeying God’s clear word? Be specific.  What should obedience look like? Read Titus 2:11-14 and discuss how the gospel motivates obedience in these areas.

3. The Lord has blessed Immanuel with the gift of the Haynes’ family and is now sending them to start Waiehu Community Church on Maui. Jay and Melissa will be planting with Rocky and Emily Komatsu. Spend the last 10-15 minutes praying for the Lord to establish this church plant, sustain our brothers and sisters in this work, and save a multitude on the island of Maui.