Slaves to Righteousness

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September 9th, 2018Ryan FullertonRomans 6:15-23

Application Questions

1. Paul says in Romans 6:18 that the Christian has actually become a slave of righteousness. Do you see yourself as a slave of righteousness? Is there anything in your life right now making it difficult to believe that you are a slave of Christ?

2. Pastor Ryan shared how, because we’ve been made changed in heart, mind, and will to be slaves of righteousness, Christians will inevitably be miserable when we are disobedient. Are you currently walking in the misery of disobedience? Explain. If so, what should repentance look like in this area?

3. How often do you think about the level of intimacy you have with God? Do you desire more intimacy or closeness to Him? What are the difficult areas of obedience that you feel are hindering a closer walk with God? What are the specific steps you can take right now to throw off the things that are hindering your enjoyment of God?