Speaking God’s Will with God’s Wisdom

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Sermon Date: March 4th, 2018 Preacher: Ryan Fullerton Text: Matthew 18, Philippians 1:9

Application Questions

1. What does Galatians 6:1-2 indicate is the only right motivation for confronting one another regarding sin?

2. We heard this morning that if an offense goes on unaddressed, rather than the soul remaining neutral, there is often a drift towards bitterness or a desire for vengeance. Moreover, instead of talking to the right person about it we often end up talking to the wrong person and only increase sin. Is there anyone you feel has sinned against you but you’ve avoided confronting him/her about it? What is the reason for this avoidance? Have you allowed this to escalate to bitterness in your heart towards him/her? Have you spoken to others about it instead of the person? Would you make a commitment to go to the person (alone) you feel has sinned against you and discuss this?

3. Have you recently attempted to confront someone regarding their sin but  they responded with a refusal to repent and seek reconciliation? Have you considered whether it is time to bring 2-3 witnesses along with you to establish the charge?

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