Groaning for Glory

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November 18th, 2018Ryan FullertonRomans 8:18-25

Sermon Application Questions

Read Romans 8:18. Pastor Ryan reminded us that the NT’s way of dealing with suffering is to remind us of where the Christian’s suffering is heading, where it is leading us (Christ-likeness & the glories of eternal life with Christ in the resurrection). It is not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. And yet, unless you love Jesus and are delighting in him these truths will not come as a comfort. This is often the case when believers are setting their hearts on things in this life (even really good things) and not Jesus himself. For the comforts of these truths to actually be comforting we must see Jesus as the most satisfying thing in the whole world. Anything less than God, put in the place of God, is idolatry.

1. Christian, are there currently things (even really good things) that you are putting your comfort, hope, or satisfaction in more than Jesus? What are they? Pastor Ryan shared how, if this is the case, the only path forward is repentance. What, specifically, would repentance in this are look like for you right now? What actual thoughts do you need to take captive? What actions do you need to take? Are there things to get rid of/let go of?

2. As believers who have the first fruits of the Spirit and have tasted of the sweetness of knowing the Lord Jesus, we groan inwardly. We eagerly long for the time when our bodies will be glorified and we will reign with Christ. But, for now, we patiently endure. Christian, can you give specific examples of what it is looking like in your life right now to patiently endure? And can you share how, specifically, are you “considering” (v. 18ff) that being raised with Christ and living in the new heavens and new earth inform how you see you suffering now?

May the Lord grant that we would continually practice, by faith, fixing our eyes on what is coming: the certain hope of resurrection life for all eternity and with full and complete satisfaction and and with the King of kings and Lord of lords. To him be the glory forever and ever!