The Spirit: Perfectly Interceding for Our Good

Cody Farthing2018, Holy Spirit, Prayer, Romans, Romans: Righteousness for the Unrighteous, Ryan Fullerton, Sermons

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November 25th, 2018Ryan FullertonRomans 8:26-30

Sermon Application Questions

  1. Christian, are you currently in a season where you are ‘in a puddle,’ discouraged/spiritual dry/exhausted? Do you struggle to know what/how to pray? Please describe.
  2. How have you traditionally thought about the meaning of Romans 8:28? Have you focused on it in isolation from the context? Have you felt ‘let down’ by this verse? What is Paul actually saying in this verse?
  3. Are there things in your life right now that are tempting you to believe that God is being mean, stingy, or far off? Please explain. According to Romans 8:28-30 how should we think of the Christian’s ultimate ‘good’? With this, how should you think about praying according to God’s will in light of the things you are experiencing in your life right now?