The Wounds of Christ

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Sermon Date: February 25th, 2018 Preacher: Charles Leiter Text: Various

Application Questions

1. Which of these truths in the sermon were most encouraging to you? Explain.

2. Which of these apply to the particular trial you are currently facing? Can you talk through how it applies and is helpful?

3. Which of these apply to a particular sin(s) you’re currently struggling to fight against? How does it help you in this fight?

4. This morning Charles Leiter asked, ‘Have you ever looked on him whom you have pierced and (then) mourned?’. Are you currently finding it hard to mourn over your sin? Over the sin of others? How do the scars of Christ help you in this?

5. Is there anyone in the group currently struggling with assurance? What do the scars of Christ have to say about your assurance of salvation?

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