The Timing of Abraham’s Justification

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Sermon Date: October 15th, 2017 Preacher: Ryan Fullerton Text: Romans 4:9-12

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Application Questions

1. Review the significance of circumcision from the sermon (pt. #2). What is its significance? Can you identify other physical ‘signs’ of faith for believers? How have you been tempted (are being tempted) to trust in these ‘signs’ rather than the finished work of Christ and the gift of righteousness freely given by God? Talk through what repentance of this should look like practically for you.

2. Paul tells in Romans 4 that Abraham is our forefather because we walk in the footsteps of the same faith he had. This is the true heritage we share as believers. In what ways are you inclined to think that your earthly forefathers are a greater part of your identity than Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Isaiah, and the Lord Jesus?

3. We see from Romans 4 that another major implication for seeing Abraham as our forefather and that, in trusting in the Lord Jesus, we are as righteous as he was, is the reality of what this means for missions. It fosters a sending culture. It gives us a greater vision for how God’s kingdom advances, and promotes endurance in the midst of a transient culture. Spend time naming every person your GCG is currently seeking to share the gospel with and have each person share where they are in this process (just starting a friendship, moving towards the gospel, have already shared the gospel, etc.). Then spend time praying for these efforts. Pray that the Lord would give greater grace to be bold in gospel witness, that He would guard one another from the doubts of Satan as he seeks to thwart God’s purposes, and pray for each person by name.

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