The Tongue Directs and Destroys

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Sermon Date: February 4th, 2018 Preacher: Ryan Fullerton Text: James 3

Application Questions

1. The Tongue Destroys:  Go around the room and have each person share the 1-2 most frequently occurring ways their words have wounded or hurt others. (You may want to spend 5 minutes praying and asking the Lord to help in bringing these things to memory.) Ask one another clarifying questions. Fight against any thoughts that say, “I’m glad I don’t hurt people that way with my words”. Rather, in a spirit of humility, share openly with one another these ways that your words have been: like sword thrusts – blending anger with speed resulting in harshness, have mixed truth with lies in slander, have been used to gossip, have been smooth like the adulteress, etc. Another aspect of how we use our tongues: Have there been ways you’ve not guarded your words because you were more bent on speaking the truth but fail to wrap the actual words in love?

2. The Tongue Directs. Think about the various relationships you have in the body (GCG, men’s/women’s groups, spouses, parents, children, etc.). One of the ways the tongue directs is by creating/shaping the ‘culture’ of those relationships. In what ways has your communication shaped the culture of those relationships? Has it contributed to openness and trust? Has it contributed to suspicion and assuming the worst about the other person or group? Help one another think through ways the tongue does this as well as ways you can re-shape this culture.

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