Walk in a Worthy Manner

Cody Farthing2019, Colossians, Evan Calvin, Growth, Sanctification, Sermons

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February 3rd, 2019Evan CalvinColossians 1:1-20

Sermon Application

This past Sunday we were blessed to hear from Pastor Evan Calvin as he walked us through what it means to live worthy of the Lord. Following are application questions to discuss as you review the sermon together. 

1) We heard a call to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will (his glorious plan to set Jesus at the center of everything). Take some time to think about your lives. What motivates you to obey and seek to bear fruit? Are you motivated by a desire to glorify Jesus in all that you do?

2) As you think about what it means to seek Christ’s Glory in all that you do, take some time to talk about the difference between simply baptizing our lives with Christian principles vs actually seeking to live worthy of Jesus in all things. What are the dangers of the former? What are the benefits of the latter?

3) What are the areas in your life where you are bearing fruit in every good work? Take some time to point these things out to one another in your GCG. 

4) As you seek to fight sin, does it flow from a place of faith? Do you believe God’s power is at work in your lives? What are the areas where you are prone to doubt or forget God’s power is at work in your life? Take some time to confess these things and pray for fresh faith and power in your life.

5) Thankfulness for God’s work of redemption is crucial to patiently enduring with Joy. How are you doing with being thankful? Does the knowledge of what God is doing lead you thankfulness? Do you rejoice in his work in others? What are the areas of life where you are fighting to be thankful to the Lord?