What Is Saving Faith?

Immanuel AdminRomans, Romans: Righteousness for the Unrighteous, Ryan Fullerton, Sermons

Sermon Date: October 29th, 2017 Preacher: Ryan Fullerton Text: Romans 4:13-25 Series: Romans

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Application Questions

1. Genuine biblical faith is not characterized by having faith in one’s faith, but faith in the right object – the very Son of God and his finished work on the cross. But it is a common pitfall for Christians to look at the strength/weakness of their own faith to evaluate their position with God. Describe ways you have looked within, to your own faith as the object your putting your trust in for right standing with God. What are the practical ways this manifests itself?

2. Saving faith trusts in the word of God and the God of the word. What areas in your life (behaviors, actions, habits) are you diminishing the character of God and what he has promised in His word by not taking Him at His word? Are there areas where you are ‘taking your life into your own hands’ because you don’t see God or His word as sufficient to help you and keep you?

3. Are there good and godly desires that God may be withholding from you where you’re tempted to question His goodness and see Him as stingy? Would you share how you’re actually responding to him in this season? What is the proper way to see God and His giving/withholding of this desire in this season?