Words for the Home to Wives

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Sermon Date: April 22nd, 2018 Preacher: Ryan Fullerton Text: Ephesians 5:22-6:4

Application Questions

1. Pastor Ryan pointed out that, for wives’ submission, their emphasis should not be on who their husbands are but rather that Christ has put him in the position of husband and head. Because of this we play our part even if/when our spouse isn’t doing so. To wives: Are you currently ‘stuck’ on focusing on who your husband is rather than on the One who has made him your husband? In what ways are you seeking to fight against focusing only on your husband? To husbands: What are some ways that you’re aware of that you need to change which would serve your wives in making submission to you a joy (note, this is also an issue of focus for you).

2. Anxiety is the root of quarreling. We see from 1 Peter 3:1-6 that Sarah’s relationship to Abraham was marked by a quiet trust in the Lord that guarded her from anxiety. Wives: In what ways are you letting anxiety produce quarreling with your husband? Is it around circumstances that are beyond his control? Is it around his blind spots or weaknesses that you’re trying to change? What kind of communication should a quiet trust in the Lord produce in you (even in the face of difficult circumstances or a husband’s blind spots)?

3. To couples: The health of marriages at Immanuel is at different levels from couple to the next. As you think about strengthening your marriage do you really believe that by he Holy Spirit you can actually grow to what God calls you to within your marriage? How is your faith reflected practically in the work you put into your marriage?