Sunday Gatherings

Jesus is the Lamb slain to ransom people “for God from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Rev 5:9). He has promised that if He is lifted up—first on the cross, then in the preaching of the cross—He will draw all people to Himself (John 12:32). Because of this, we know that a diverse people will be gathered to worship Him forever. By God’s grace, we have had the privilege of seeing a small piece of this promise fulfilled at Immanuel Baptist Church.

As Hudson Taylor put it, we have tried to do “God’s work, God’s way.” Through gospel proclamation, expository preaching, believer's baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and prayer (along with biblical church leadership, membership, discipleship, and discipline), we have seen Jesus gather and grow a diverse people to worship Himself. While He has been pleased to do this through one, two, and even three services at different seasons, it seems best to us now to pursue this same vision—by the same means of grace—through one service.


What to Expect

Sunday School // 9:00–9:55a

  • Immanuel Kids // Green Hall (0–Age 4)
  • Immanuel Kids // Blue Hall (Age 5–5th Grade)
  • Immanuel Youth // Middle School (6th–8th Grade)
  • Immanuel Youth // High School (9th–12th Grade)
  • Immanuel Adults // Discipleship Classes
  • Immanuel Adults // Prayer Rooms

Sunday Service // 10:15–11:45a

  • Immanuel Kids Nursery // Green Hall (0–Age 4)
  • Worship Gathering

*live stream option of service can be found on our ImmanuelKY YouTube channel

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850 South 4th Street Louisville, Kentucky 40203