Our Vision.
Training the next generation where Christ is King.

Psalm 78:4 says, “We will...tell the coming generation the glorious deeds of the LORD, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.” Through Bible-rich curriculum and loving care, our volunteers faithfully link arms with parents to train the next generation in our Immanuel Family.

Sunday School // 9:00a

Nursery in the Green Hall (Newborn–Preschool)

Elementary in the Blue Hall (Kindergarten–5th Grade)

Sunday Service // 10:15a

Nursery in the Green Hall (Newborn-Preschool)

Our Strategy.


We use a God-centered curriculum designed by Truth:78. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and theologically sound. It explains the true overarching story of the Bible, the character of God, and the redemption plan of Christ. Sunday School curriculum by grade can be found here. We read Bible stories from The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible or The Jesus Storybook Bible during the worship service. In the classroom, children are encouraged to pray, memorize Scripture through song, and build relationships with small group leaders and peers.


All of the volunteers that serve in Immanuel Kids are believing, faithful members of the church. In order to serve with our children, volunteers must submit an Immanuel Kids application, complete a background check, and provide a recommendation from an Immanuel member. Volunteers receive training in our vision, policies, procedures, safety, and effective classroom practices. Adults serve in teams and are never alone with children. 

We are happy to accommodate unique needs. We serve gluten-free Cheerios and water during the service. If your child needs a different snack due to allergies, please let us know. In addition, we offer in-classroom support for children who might need assistance in group learning environments. A sensory room is available for children with sensory needs. This application is needed to participate.


We partner with families to love, serve, and train your children to love God and his mission. In addition to offering classes, we also partner with you in the worship service as your children join us. The beauty of the local church and her love for King Jesus are on display as we worship together. We don't want our children to miss out! Some families include their small children, but nursery is provided during the service until your child starts kindergarten. We offer Scripture memory coloring sheets every week at each of the building entrances. Children and the Worship Service is a booklet that will help you consider the importance of including your children in corporate worship. It is available as a gift in our children's ministry area. Our church is accustomed to some noises from children, but screaming and crying can become too distracting. For this reason, the service is streaming in the Fellowship Hall for parents who need to step out with their children.

Immanuel Kids Nursery.

Newborn-Preschool children are welcome to join us during the 10:15a service in the Green Hall. The nursery is located on the second floor and is painted green. Children can be dropped off 15 minutes before the service begins. Scripture memory coloring sheets are available at the building entrances for elementary school children (Kindergarten-5th Grade) who join us in the worship service.


The Immanuel Kids team is training the next generation where Christ is King. We desire our children to "set their hope in God and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments" (Psalm 78:7). 

Our members serve in a variety of roles to contribute to this mission. Sunday School volunteers serve weekly, building ongoing relationships with the children. Worship Service volunteers serve once in an 8 week period. Discover other roles and fill out this application to get started.


"As a mother, I have a command which is found in Deuteronomy 6:4–9.

I am basically asked to be diligent in teaching my children who God is and how they need to respond.  What an incredible blessing it is that I am not the only one doing this in their lives, but that they get to hear this message from many different Christians in so many different ways. I am so profoundly grateful for how Immanuel Kids has been a pillar to my children’s faith formation. The simple week-to-week message of the gospel that has come to them by different brothers and sisters, in different seasons, is like water that shapes and forms the rock. Water is always water, but it comes in different ways and from different directions. Sometimes it is more gentle, other times it has more strength. And so is the influence of the different teachers that have so faithfully taught our children through Immanuel Kids."

Fernanda Trocan // Mother & IK Volunteer

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