Immanuel is building a community from all cultures where Christ is King. We seek to accomplish this vision through five distinctives which we believe embody the core of New Testament Christianity:

  • Truth that Transforms Lives
  • Community that Displays Christ
  • Prayer that Cries ‘Your Kingdom Come!'”
  • Worship that Feeds the Soul
  • Mission that Welcomes Everybody In

These distinctives are primarily practiced by Immanuel gathering together in 3 ways:

  • Sunday Worship Gatherings
  • Sunday Prayer Gatherings
  • Gospel Community Groups

With these distinctives and gatherings as our foci, we do not consider Immanuel to be a “program-driven” church. Rather, our aim is to build a community—one that is full of Christians worshipping God together, caring for each other’s practical needs, and reaching the world with the gospel. The ministries listed below are simply a natural outgrowth of that community in action: New Testament saints ministering the gospel as they are equipped and led by pastors (elders) given as a gift by Jesus himself (Ephesians 4:1-16).