Our Vision.
Missions empowered by unity in Christ.

Immanuel loves to see the Kingdom of God advance on the earth while we await the return of King Jesus. We invest in and commit to gospel work across the world, throughout North America, and here in our city, Louisville. Our identity in Christ drives us to this good work, as Jesus himself has commanded (2 Cor. 4:7, 2 Cor. 5:17–20, Matt. 28:18–20).

In the book of Philippians, Paul addresses the Philippian church as partners in the gospel (Phil. 1:3–5). As such, we desire to be a partnering community that strategically invests in the gospel workers we send out. Unity in Christ empowers us to be committed partners who pray, communicate often, visit in person, give resources, and equip for gospel ministry. In order to pursue this calling, we strive to be steady partners with genuine concern for our workers and even stand with them in the midst of trouble to strengthen the work of the gospel (Phil. 4:10–16).

Around the World & in Our City.
The harvest is plentiful, global, & local.

Revelation 5:9 tells us that Christ has "ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation." There are people all over the earth who need to hear the gospel of Jesus; the harvest field is truly global. Because of this, we are zealous to see the gospel go forward internationally, in North America, and here in our city of Louisville.

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