Our Vision.
Bringing life-transforming biblical wisdom to meet people’s trouble.

Immanuel is committed to a model of counseling called “biblical counseling.” As we work hard to understand a person’s struggles, trials, and sins, we believe that God’s Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light to our path. God’s Word is the trustworthy guide to bring to bear in the person’s life. We listen carefully to the details of a person’s situation, while maintaining a distinctly Christian worldview, as each individual person shares their unique story. Understanding a person’s story—including their family of origin, their attachments, their influences, their friendships, their previous experiences, their specific strengths and weaknesses, their fears, their hurts, their blessings and curses, their view of God, their hopes, fears, joys, sadnesses, sins, etc.—matters. There is dignity in every person’s unique story, whatever that story consists of.

Our aim is to take real people in real situations and lead them to encounter real grace through the blood of Jesus Christ. Being in fellowship with the Father because of the work of Christ on the cross, through the powerful working of the Holy Spirit in our lives, leads to victory over sins and gives glory to God. We believe that every person is made in God’s image and our relationship with God is the central issue that we strive to address in the biblical counseling that we provide.

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Why "A Change of Heart"?
Being born again changes everything.

God changes us and conforms us more and more into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ, through regeneration—a change of heart. Those who are “in Christ Jesus” bear the marks of being His. It is true that Christians often take two steps forward and three steps back, yet it is also true that God keeps and matures all who are truly His. Christians grow in time to bear the fruit of the Spirit. Overnight transformations are the exception, but slow change is still real change. The imperishable seed of the gospel, in time, produces obedience in every Christian. The more we rightly understand His great love for us through Christ Jesus, the more we bear the peculiar marks of being His. The rock bottom reason that Christians grow and mature is that Christ is in them. Being loved by God enables an obedience that only the gospel can produce.  

Meet Our Counselors.

Lead Pastor of Counseling & Discipleship

Pastor Jeff holds degrees from Samford University and Southern Seminary. He has served local churches in counseling and discipleship ministries for over 20 years. Jeff is skilled in listening and applying God’s Word to the various ways Christians struggle in their sanctification. He has extensive experience helping others who struggle with sexual sins, marriage problems, anxiety, depression, discerning God’s will, abuse, addictions, and more. When he is not counseling, Jeff enjoys running, water skiing, volleyball, reading, writing, playing golf, and spending time with his wife, Christy, and his two daughters, Alexis and Rachel.

Women's Counselor & Ministry Director

For almost 20 years, Patti has been deeply involved in counseling and teaching women at Immanuel. She plans and oversees all of the gatherings, conferences, and discipleship opportunities offered for women at Immanuel. On counseling fronts, Patti has helped many women who have struggled with various trials and sins, including anxiety, depression, marriage issues, eating disorders, self-harm, abuse, sexual sins, and more. Patti sees it as an honor to be invited into these struggles, and considering she has struggled with many of the same things, it is her joy to be able to bring the hope of Christ to meet her sisters amid their troubles. Patti loves traveling with her husband, Mike, spending time with friends, going on long walks, managing her home, drinking good coffee, and striving to live out her hope in the gospel in every sphere of her life.

Pastor of Worship, Counseling, & Discipleship

Pastor Ward serves Immanuel in a variety of ways. Although his primary role is leading the church in corporate worship, he also serves as one of our counselors. For the past decade, Pastor Ward has walked with many struggling Christians and helped them to apply Biblical truth to life’s perplexing challenges. Having been saved later in life, Pastor Ward personally understands the bankruptcy of sexual immorality and turning to both drugs and alcohol for relief from life’s hardships. He takes joy in leading others to find delight in Christ and comfort from the cross amid life’s trials and temptations. Ward enjoys playing drums with musicians all around Louisville, in addition to hunting, running, playing golf, reading, and spending time with family and friends. 

Lay Counselors.

All of our pastors and GCG Leaders at Immanuel offer biblical counseling, as they are able. Additionally, we are consistently equipping lay counselors at Immanuel, including:

Payton Moree
  • Lay Counselor
Lydia Saylor
  • Lay Counselor
Lacy Monahan
  • Lay Counselor
Karen Zuleger
  • Lay Counselor
Hayley Krahwinkle
  • Lay Counselor
Dallas Leitner
  • Lay Counselor
Want to Receive Counseling?
Schedule with one of our counselors.

While you may request to meet with a specific counselor, these appointments are “first come, first serve” and subject to the availability of each counselor. Immanuel is very fortunate to have many gifted staff and lay counselors that provide biblical counseling to our members. If the person you are requesting is not available, we will strive to set you up with someone gifted, qualified, and able to help. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. We are happy to meet with members and non-members alike and assess their ongoing needs.

An initial meeting with one of our biblical counselors will help determine if ongoing meetings are necessary and helpful. Most often, our counselors will ask for a 6–7 meeting commitment, then re-assess and adjust meeting frequency and length of commitment based on progress and ongoing need.

Sometimes, but not always. Immanuel is very blessed to have many gifted men who aren’t pastors, as well as, women who serve as biblical counselors.

Although many of our pastors and staff have Master of Divinity degrees and several years of experience, we do not require certification or degrees to serve as a biblical counselor. We do, however, thoroughly investigate the person’s life and doctrine to deem them mature, godly, able to counsel, and gifted to serve as counselors.

We are eager to listen and strive to serve no matter what problem a person faces. Typical problems our counselors face include depression, fear, anxiety, sexual immorality, understanding God’s providence, anger, discerning calling, marriage and family issues, and more.

Have you stalled in making progress against your sins? Are you going backward instead of forward in your obedience to the Lord? Do you genuinely not know how to grow from where you are presently? If so, we would love to meet and help.

Yes, we always report abuse. It is required by the State of Kentucky, and it is wise for every church to involve civil authorities to deal with criminal activity.

No. We are very happy to provide this service free of charge.

In most cases, we will have another, who serves as an advocate, join the counseling with us. This advocate—undergoing biblical counseling training—contributes to your counsel through added wisdom and prayer.

Bring a notepad and a Bible.

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