Our Vision.
Women are created in the image of God and are redeemed by him to bring him glory in every season of life and in every sphere of influence.

Whether in the marketplace or in the home, believing women are to live lives that proclaim that they serve the one true and living God. Our lives should adorn the gospel! Under the leadership of the elders, the women's ministry at Immanuel seeks to serve our sisters toward that end.

Fulfilling the command of Titus 2, we aim to teach the women of Immanuel what is good. We desire to raise up an army of women who rest in the finished work of Christ for their salvation and have a reputation for good works: moms who raise and nurture their children in the admonition of the Lord, overseas workers who proclaim the good news of the gospel, wives who fearlessly submit to their own husbands, and career women who do their work with such excellence that even unbelievers glorify God.

Gathering Opportunities.

Testimony Mornings
Come hear stories of God's deliverance and faithfulness in the lives of women in our church family, lifting our voices in prayer and praise to the God who gives beauty for ashes and joy for mourning. 
Fellowship Nights
Fellowship Nights are opportunities for the women of Immanuel to fellowship and encourage one another while hearing God's word, singing God's promises, and feasting on God's provision together.
Bible & Book Studies
Our Bible and book studies are small, largely in-home gatherings in order to foster community and intimacy. Our desire is that the Lord would use these studies to increasingly transform the women of Immanuel into the image of our dear Lord.

"The Immanuel Women’s Ministry has enriched my life in innumerable ways

In the Immanuel Women’s Ministry, the command from Titus 2:4 to “train up the young women” is taken seriously. The leaders and their care for the women of Immanuel are expansive. They are eager to rejoice with you, weep with you, and equip you to do the same for the rest of the body. The teachers are “doers of the Word” and faithful to teach the Word of God. They are great examples of what it looks like to walk humbly with the Lord. I know the Lord more because of the care provided by the women of Immanuel. I have learned how to walk by faith, take thoughts captive, and lay down my life for others, however imperfectly. I am so much more equipped to serve my family, the church, and the world, and I am grateful to God for the fellowship and support provided by the Immanuel Women’s Ministry."

// Hayley Krahwinkel 


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