Steve and Valarie serve the local churches in Cork, Ireland with their four children. Earlier this month, the churches in Cork and a nearby village invited an American pastor to help think through the question, “What is a healthy church?” Over two days, the pastor spoke on four aspects of a healthy church: discipleship, membership, discipline, and leadership. It was a really rich time with local leaders asking hard questions about culture, context, and specific scenarios among their congregations.

By God’s grace, Steve and Valarie closed on a new house at the end of March! Now, they have begun some heavy renovations. This includes painting every surface, installing new flooring, knocking a wall down, and putting in a new kitchen. This all feels a bit overwhelming, so they are praying for joy, peace, and fun throughout the process.

  • Praise God for supplying them with a new home after so many months of waiting.
  • Pray that their new home would be a place filled with joy, love, and the hope of the Gospel displayed through frequent hospitality.
  • Pray for the pastors in Cork to be strengthened and encouraged to lead their churches toward greater biblical maturity.
North America.
Waiehu Community Church // Waiehu, HI

The purpose of Waiehu Community Church (WCC)  is to build a community that proclaims Christ as King on Maui, in Hawaii, and among the nations. This purpose is bigger than just one local church. They don’t want there to be a square inch of this planet where the name of Christ is not proclaimed. One important way WCC has fulfilled that purpose is by sending out qualified men to lead churches. These men include pastor Chris Komatsu at Lana’i Baptist Church and Jay Haynes at Kahului Baptist Church. Though letting go of godly men is never easy, it’s been a sweet joy and honor for WCC to serve the cause of Christ through kingdom-minded sending.

Currently, WCC’s pastor, Rocky Komatsu is ministering to a man named Austin. He's a local who has been coming to WCC for the last few months. He is in a really difficult and dark place. His friend, Brad (a WCC member) met him recently with Rocky and shared the gospel. They are both eager to see  Austin acknowledge Christ as the great Savior King and follow him in baptism.

  • Pray that WCC would be blessed to continue sending out elder-qualified men to serve the state of Hawaii and other unreached places.
  • Pray that Austin would repent and believe in the gospel as he is served by members of WCC.
  • Pray that WCC would press on in faithfulness and be a light to many on Maui.
Immanuel Pastors

Hebrews 13:7 tells us to remember those who lead and speak the Word to us, considering the result of their conduct, so as to imitate their faith. Praise the Lord for how He has gifted Immanuel with godly pastors who  serve the church to the end that the saints are equipped for the work of ministry, to the glory of God.

  • Pray that each pastor would walk in the fear of the Lord, seeking his power and his presence. 
  • Pray for continued unity among the pastors and that God would grant each pastor wisdom as they shepherd and equip the saints.
  • Pray that God would continue to guard each of our pastors against the schemes of the adversary and to lead them by the Spirit.
Lematang of Indonesia





Ev. Christian:


Main Language:


Spiritual Beliefs:

99.7% Islam

Bible in Heart Language:


The Lematang are a people group who live along the banks of the Lematang River in central southern Sumatra. Although most Lematang people are followers of Islam, animistic beliefs heavily influence their daily lives.

  • Pray that God would call his children from the Lematang people. 
  • Pray that local churches would be started where many Lematang can grow in their knowledge of Christ.
  • Pray that believers who interact with this people would be bold in their proclamation of the gospel.