Central Asia

As a family, Matt and Ash regularly proclaim the gospel to their kids and pray for their salvation. A few months ago, their daughter Harper came up to Matt to tell him that she believed in Christ as Lord and Savior. Harper wanted to know what prevented her from being baptized. After talking with her it was clear that the Lord was working in her life. They have been so encouraged to see the Lord grow their daughter in recognition of her sin, in her desire to know God's Word, and to rest in Christ as Savior. In recognition of this reality, as a church they all gathered together to celebrate God's work in her life by baptizing her. It was one of Matt’s greatest joys as a father to baptize his own daughter. What a gift that as Matt and Ash work hard to proclaim the gospel to the unreached in Central Asia, the Lord would kindly reach their daughter’s heart as well.

  • Pray for Harper as she walks with Christ and commits to the local church.
  • Pray that the church in Central Asia would be faithful in proclaiming the gospel and that the Lord would call people to Himself.
  • Pray that holiness and gospel unity would abound among the believers in Central Asia.


North America.
Fordham Community Church // Bronx, NY

The members at Fordham Community Church (FCC) are continuing to pray for a long-term meeting space after discovering they may not be able to gather much longer in their current location. Specifically, they have been asking that God would open a door for them to obtain a building to own debt-free that could be used as a tool for gospel multiplication in The Bronx and beyond. There are several dead churches around them with buildings, and they would love to meet in one of these spaces.

A few weeks ago, a severe case of sexual immorality was discovered in one of the young marriages at FCC. It has rocked the innocent party in the marriage, as well as, most likely ended their marriage union. The fallout is likely to impact many in the church. The elders are eager to see genuine repentance transform this marriage.

  • FCC has plans to soon begin a second Sunday service in Spanish. Pray for this new opportunity to  bear much fruit.
  • Pray that God would provide a building FCC could own without any debt.
    Pray for the repentance of the one caught in sexual immorality, and wisdom for the elders as they speak to them and the church.


Immanuel College Collective

As the local church, it is our responsibility to help fulfill the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18–20). We go because Jesus reigns and we want the whole world to know and submit to His reign. The Immanuel College Collective is an arm of Immanuel that seeks to help her walk in this mission, which means going out to find, connect, and share with students where they are.

  • As the new year begins, college campuses across Louisville are coming back to life with students returning for the Spring semester. Pray that God would draw many of these students to Himself through the faithful witness of the Immanuel College Collective.
  • Pray that God would cut through the noise of this world to open the ears of college students to the truth of the gospel.
  • Pray that believing college students who are involved with the ICC would be bold to share their faith regularly with their peers on campus.


Lintang of Indonesia





Ev. Christian:


Main Language:


Spiritual Beliefs:

99.5% Islam

Bible in Heart Language:


The Lintang are an unengaged and unreached people. They are notorious for plundering strangers. It is an accepted cultural practice for men when they feel in financial need. They live along the Lintang River in South Sumatra.

  • Pray that God would embolden the few local believers to share the gospel with the Lintang people in their area.
  • Pray that local believing business owners would engage with the Lintang people.
  • Pray that a first church would be established amongst this people group.