Central Asia

Kristi continues to serve the church in Central Asia. She is a blessing to members in so many ways. She is involved in members' lives and is constantly looking for ways to foster fellowship and outreach. One neat story lately is about Burk (age 16) who has been coming to Kristi’s church for a while now and was just recently baptized. He came to faith after seeking answers on his own and, almost immediately upon finding their community, expressed faith in Christ. He is a sponge, ready to learn everything he can about the Bible. He's been reading theology books, hanging out with the pastor, and spending any free time he can among the body with an ambitious desire to serve in whatever capacity he can. He regularly overflows with joy at his newfound faith and shares the gospel with his unbelieving family members. It has been incredible to watch him grow. Unfortunately, many of the locals—who are members of the church—do not view his conversion the same way. Jealousy and suspicion cloud their ability to rejoice with hope in what God is doing in Burk’s life. These veins run deep, and Kristi and her team pray more than anything that God would remove these sentiments so that the gospel might flourish.

  • Pray for Burk to grow deep roots and be firmly established in the faith.

  • Pray that God would break down walls of hostility among believers  in the church.

  • Pray that the church would be marked by brotherly love and hospitality.
North America.
Waiehu Community Church // Waiehu, HI

Jay and Rocky, the pastors at Waiehu Community Church (WCC), are praising the Lord for the growth they have seen in the church body recently. So far this year, they have brought in 12 new members. For their small congregation, this has been a huge encouragement. Please pray that these new members would integrate well into the life of the church and be a great blessing. The hope is that the other members will welcome them warmly and invest deeply in caring for each of them.

Many in the body are currently experiencing trials and suffering. These include needs for housing and work, financial needs, infertility, chronic pain, etc.  In light of these difficulties, they long to be a people of great joy in the midst of great suffering.  

Jay and Rocky are investing in potential leaders for their church’s future maturity.  Their desire is that the three men they are meeting with would be humble, teachable, and ultimately mature men who would be a blessing to the church.  Time will tell as they invest and spend time together.

  • Pray for the new members at WCC to build deep relationships and use their gifts to build up the body.

  • Pray that, in the midst of trials, WCC would be “strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy” (Col. 1:11).

  • Pray for WCC to continue to be used by the Lord to draw many to follow Jesus.
Immanuel Pastors

Hebrews 13:7 tells us to remember those who lead and speak the Word to us, considering the result of their conduct so as to imitate their faith. Praise the Lord for how he has gifted Immanuel with godly pastors who tirelessly serve the church to the end that the saints are equipped for the work of ministry, to the glory of God.

  • Pray that our pastors would never cease to glory in Christ as their Savior, Friend, and King.

  • Pray that our pastors would be examples to the flock in godly conduct and persevere in the faith.

  • Pray that our pastors would embrace the trials and sufferings God places in their life with joy and patience.
Minangkabau of Indonesia





Ev. Christian:


Main Language:


Spiritual Beliefs:

99.72% Islam

Bible in Heart Language:

New Testament Only

The Minangkabau come from West Sumatra Province and are the majority ethnic group in the province. They also live in large numbers across the entire country as they value sending young men outside the homeland to make their living and home in new areas. 

  • Pray that the Word of God would go forth in Indonesia, especially among the Minangkabau people.

  • Pray that local believers’ engagement of the Minangkabau would result in healthy churches planted among new believers.

  • Pray that many would become disciples of Jesus Christ.